Saturday, September 12, 2009

They don't call them lunchmates for nothing

She already told me about her plans as soon as her resignation takes effect. She told me the reasons as to why she's doing it. And this Wednesday would be the last day I get to see her.

I understand her. I feel for her. And I'm beginning to miss her.


Autumn, 2008.
We met. She was walking across the street, stopped and waved at someone. I was crossing the street, directly to her way and when I was about approximately two feet away from her, realized that 'wave' was for me. (Of course, I recognized and only knew her by name. We work for the same project and get to see on Wednesdays for the 3 o' clock meeting). I apologized to her for not waving back and reasoned out my perennial excuse of being nearsighted. We talked a little until we parted ways to take different lifts. (Let it be known that some lifts don't stop at other floors).

Two days after, we met again. I was on my way out for lunch and so was she. I asked her to where she'll be eating lunch. She replied. And I went along. From then on, we eat lunch together.

[end of Flashback]

As our lunch meetings were often, so our topics have covered quite a range as well. We've explored small personal talk about our respective marriage lives (like I have much to say about this =P), travel, the beach, fitness, and our short-term goals. She introduced SATC to me. We often talk about the office environment. We gaped when the front lawn went green that Summer (as if it was the coolest we've seen ever). We agree and disagree on certain things. But it never came to a point that we were strangling each others' throats due to clash of opinions. The common reaction we have when our conversation reaches the boiling point is to fall silent and rummage our brains for a new topic. (After one incident, each secretly decided to avoid THOSE topics).

I'm going to miss those times. Even with our 5 years gap, this didn't prevent us from getting along well.

Up to now, I can't point out why we click together. Sure we have some common interests (books and movies); we're both foreigners. It's as if Fate willed to meet us in that particular pedestrian lane for a particular purpose -- that is to be each other's lunchmate, clown and friend.


Nashe^ said...

Nice :)

You'll keep in touch, I believe.

The Demigoddess said...

It's tough to lose friends like that. A part of you will always be with them. Out of sight, out of heart, as they say , so try to keep in touch as much as you can.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

aww.... Well, hopefully you guys will keep in touch. I'm the same way. One of the girls I work with just resigned and I miss her to death. And whenever we see each other on rare occassions to do our busy work skeds it's just like yesterday once more. =)