Thursday, August 27, 2009

Like it Helps

Common knowledge dictates that when a girl gets a haircut way too short from its former length, it sends out a message. Whether it has to do with fashion or whatevs -- people get curious and just to satiate their curiosity, insinuate reasons to the change. As far as movies and books taught me, a girl sports a new look because it's either she's running away from someone/something or trying to get over a bad break-up. Like it helps.

In my case, it's neither.

I recently got a new haircut (specs: bob cut with bangs). And since the last time I sported 'the bob' was way back 2004, it feels weird because I've been so used to my hair falling beyond shoulders.
By the time I reported for work last Monday, my seatmate (M-san) asked me if I did the cutting by myself.

I nearly fell from my seat. Can't help but thought about 'the bob' as so poorly done for him to assume it was not cut by a professional.

"No. I went to a salon", I replied. He said that it's expensive and added that when in overseas, he normally cuts his own hair. "Girls are different", I told him and didn't explain further for there's no point to engage some girl talk with a 40-something straight man.

When I met C for lunch (on that same day), she was stunned (hope that was in a good way). She then began throwing questions as to (1)"Does T know?" and (2)"Why?" -- to which I answered (1)"Yes" (in fact, I've mentioned it to him several times that he probably gone deaf hearing), and (2)"Because I want to lessen the hairfall.."

She knew my hairfall problem -- strands falling profusely after shower. I feel that I'm on my way to baldness and can't figure out the cause (definitely not the products I use). Only solution in mind was to cut it short so that I don't have to comb it often. Like it helps.


Nashe^ said...

UGHH... I hate hate hate hair fall. They make me think I'm getting cancer or something.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

oh i can definitely relate to that one. When I had long hair I used to have the same problem. Now that my hair is shorter i know longer have to worry about going bald anytime soon. hehehe

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

Im also having the same problem... a saleslady approached me and told me that I my hairloss is serious then told me about their product.

Does having a short hair helps? If it is, maybe I should also get a hair cut.. but I like having long hair... :(

amor said...

It doesn't help that much. I still have hair fall but not as much as I'd normally have with longer hair. Yet this will do for now. My comb is no longer my bestfriend. haha..Anyway, it's not that serious.

By the way, don't believe in salespeople. They're all after your money. hehe

The Demigoddess said...

Where is the picture for evidence? I had short hair throughout my whole teenage life. I can't imagine short hair now.