Monday, August 03, 2009

4 days of Summer

So, I spent the last two days of July and the first two days of August in Korea. I call it my mini-summer-break-slash-doing-my-wifely-duties. What I like about the trip was that I packed light -- no need for check-in baggage.
(totally unrelated to the post)

That time, I didn't have any specific itinerary on hand except for one: to watch HP & HBP with T -- sort of forcing him to watch it, lol. Being a Harry Potter fan, it was (quite) a torture for me to extend my patience for two weeks since the movie's premiere. As to why bother going through the so-called torture -- that I do not know. I could have watched the movie alone but decided against it. And since people have been declaring in their FBs and blogs that the movie was disappointing, I was expecting it to be so -- a deviation for someone who claims to rely NOT on critics. Because of the poor reviews (I haven't heard from anyone saying that it was awesome!) and the possibility that it will no longer be showing beyond July, I convinced myself that not being able to watch the movie will not kill me.

And yes, it was disappointing. The 3D effects in the first scenes didn't even help.


Nashe^ said...

Merlin's beard?

I see what you did there.

amor said...

^^"Merlin's beard" was Prof. Slughorn's (fave?) expression. Heard it often from him in the movie.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Well, I saw Harry Potter and yes, I was totally disappointed. The movie was sooo draggy and had no major storyline, nothing to keep me jumping from my seat... And as for the picture, you and your date look so cute. hehehe... ate amor, namayat lagi kaaaaa? unsa diet secret nimo? payat kaayo ko sa imong picture bah... =)

amor said...

^^Yup. The whole film dragged me to boredom..*yawn* The book was (is always) wayyy better.

As for my 'daot' figure, lol. My only exercise is walking which comes out as compulsory on my part because I do it almost everyday on my way to the bus station. Second, cut the carbs, hehe.

The Demigoddess said...

I loved the last Harry Potter movie! Why didn't you?

amor said...

Demi, it was terrible (for me) because it lacks action and really dragging. They failed to give justice to the book --- i just can't help the comparison. lol.