Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I ♥ Japan

By the time I reached my 190th plus post, I began wasting my time thinking of the perfect topic for my 200th post. I even asked T for suggestions which i knew was just pointless because he can't seem to grasp the importance of it. LOL.

Anyway, I decided to read my past posts for inspiration and realized that I haven't wrote much about Japan. Not even a list of my favorite things (intangible or tangible) and whatves.

Without further ado, here it is. *drumroll, please*

Ten things I ♥ about JP.

1.) Tokyo.
Recently hailed as the most expensive city in the world. Mind you, the streets are everyone's catwalk. It's crowded, quirky and interesting.

Places of interest round the city.

Akihabara. Most of my first geek stuff were bought here. It goes without saying that they became my instant beneficiaries in my early years -- the gadget freak old me.

Shinjuku. One of the best places to do people-watching, time-wasting, window-shopping, shopping, shopping and shopping.

Harajuku Street. Frankly, I only go there to check at cosplay(ers). They make good subjects for photography (though not all are camera-friendly). Other than that, the place is quite popular for the younger crowd. In terms of location, it's just a block (or so) away from Omotesando.
Omotesando. Japan's answer to France's Champs-Elysees. It's a mecca for brandwhores. This is where most flagships of haute couture stand.

Ginza. Another mecca for brandwhores.
Odaiba. Best place to view the Rainbow Bridge.
2.) Security, Clean and Well-Lit Streets.
This does not literally mean that the streets are entirely devoid of dirt. It only means that people are well-disciplined, law-abiding and have much respect on the State. As for well-lit streets, it allows anybody to roam -- even at unholy hours -- and go home safe.

3.) No Black-outs!
Even in the presence of heavy storm or earthquake, electricity remains uninterrupted. One advantage of underground cabling, I suppose.

4.) Nature Tripping
My inclination to nature-trips come high at Autumn. For the sole reason that I love how the trees look like when they wither. Sounds weird though.

5.) Bento and Onigiri a.k.a my instant solution for too-lazy-to-cook moments.

6.) Trainhopping
I couldn't be more thankful on how far the trains have brought me, and how (often) timely they arrive. My current apartment is just a few minutes walk to two stations. My favorite, Tsudanuma, happens to serve to two lines -- Sobu and Yokosuka line. The latter's routes include Yokohama and Narita Airport.

7.) Customer Service and Decorum
From sales representatives, baristas, station officers to JAL employees; service is hands-down refined. You rarely see or hear them (in general) chatting while working, and they (sales reps) always present themselves at their best individual look!

From my observation on everyday people, I noticed that they never rush to take their seats on the train or bus. They always queue. Rarely do I see an exception.

8.) Vending Machines Thirst quenchers and snacks within easy reach. Found everywhere.

9.) Creativity
Cup noodles, out-of-this-world fashion (ex. Comme des Garcons), manga, Bullet Trains, DSLR --- these are just some of their many inventions. I must say, nothing is longer left in my imagination that was not even tried or actually produced (ok, except for flying shoes...and a mobile phone with palm-size fridge to store candy mints).

10.) Anything Cute!
Often hear them gushing "Kawaaiiiii!" at the sight of insanely cute things: keychains, trinkets, obese cats at the park, little dogs that (i think) were never trained to bark, Mickey Mouse or anything Disney-related, Hello Kitty...Tell me, who doesn't find those cute?


Nashe^ said...

Cosplayers can get really crazy sometimes! I still don't get what they're trying to achieve but.. oh well. I guess it's fun for them? :D

The Demigoddess said...

Awww....I like number 10. I just learned a new word...Kawaiiiiii!!!

Jason said...

i love the well-disciplined and queuing part... i wish most people are as considerate here.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

ate amor! you are sooo kawaiiiiii! hehehehe... I love the japanese cherry blossoms. Does is just sprout all over the place there? Japanese cherry blossoms are just soooooooo kawaiiiii. =)