Monday, May 11, 2009

All in 10 Days (not counting flight dates)

My recent trip to PI can be summarized as ‘hotel-hopping-slash-calorie-devouring’. Thank God! I gained no additional kilos in the process.

Apr 29 (Wednesday) - Safely arrived in Cebu (past 19:00) and hours after, became a gate-crasher at someone’s graduation party. lol (‘someone’ here means T’s cousin).

Apr 30 (Thursday) - Roamed around.

May 01 (Friday) - Went to Tambuli beach with family for some sun + sand, and failed to impress River.

May 02 (Saturday) and 03 (Sunday) - Exploring the latest in the city and was impressed by what I saw.

May 04 (Monday) - T and I took the early flight for Manila. In our first night, we both fell as preys to a certain taxi driver on our way to Intramuros. Normally, the starting rate for cabs in Philippines is 30pesos. However, the driver having sensed that we are tourists (because we hailed the cab near the hotel, and nobody usually wishes to go to Intramuros late at night and not know the exact address) informed us, after we nestled comfortably at the backseat, to add 30pesos due to heavy traffic. Whaaaat?!?!

(Lame! Don’t blame the traffic on us!?!).

We would’ve stepped out but decided against it because it was already late. Deep inside, I was fuming mad that almost spoiled my trip.

Not that the additional 30pesos is too much to give; the behavior is just unacceptable. Times are hard (i know) but if they want a fare raise, they better: (1) request to the designated Government agency; or (2) don’t work as a taxi driver at all!!

After that incident, T and I made sure not to tolerate such behavior. Same incident happened (for the second time) while still in Manila. After being told by the driver for additional charge, we didn't buy it and fortunately, we were able to hail another taxi. I'm pretty sure this gimmick happens not only in Manila.

May 05 (Tuesday) - Went to Corregidor Island. It is 26 miles away from Manila. Once served as a checkpoint for incoming galleons during the Spanish era, and later on became a military base during WW2.

May 06 (Wednesday) - We went back to Intramuros early in the morning. It's the oldest district in Manila where old structures during the Spanish era still exists. Then that night, we left for Cebu.
Jumps for the nth time (at Fort Santiago, Intramuros)
supposed life-size interpretation of Jose Rizal

May 07 (Thursday) - More personal paperwork, and celebrated an advance Mother’s day at Pier One.

May 08 (Friday) - Got a new ‘do after a year!! LOL. And that night, had coffee with friends. As usual, we updated each other to what’s up with our lives because viewing each others’ Facebook is not enough.
Gossip over Coffee. Me, Stella and Eva

May 09 (Saturday) - Crossing out the shopping list (mostly, Filipino goodies and personal hygiene products that are not available in Japan)

May 10 (Sunday) - Endured (again) the almost 5 hrs flight back to JP. Thanks to Edmond Dantes for the company, the 5 hours seem to have reduced to 3.

P.S. This blog celebrated its 2nd year last May 06.


Casey McGill said...

Ahh that is so gorgeous! I would love to go to the Philippines, it looks gorgeous! With the cab thing the same situation happened to me in Seoul. I hailed a cab from the bus stop to the school I was doing study abroad at and totally got charged 20,000 won when it should have been only 2,000. -_- gullible tourist but I learned my lesson.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

OMG! You sure look like you had tons and tons of fun! And I really envy you, all that eating and not even a single pound gained! Ah! How'd you do it? hehehe

The Demigoddess said...

I don't mind jumping a dozen times just to get that perfect "jump" shot.

Taxi drivers everywhere in the Philippines are snotty.

I'm going out now to buy my own car.

Or not...

Nashe^ said...

The picture quality is really good :)
Would love to visit Manila.

And jeez, the last time I heard about Corregidor was during my History lesson 2-3 years ago. lulz.

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

nindot kaau ang pix nimo. Dapat diay mag Lakbay-Pinas ko. Worked in Metro Manila for almost a year pero kutob ra ko MOA! hehe

Grabe jud ang taxi drivers sa Manila... maka-sapot. Mao na kung mosakay ka taxi, naa jud coins and small bills kay dili mohatag ug sukli.

amor said...

I didn't eexperience such when I was in Seoul. Better take the subway or bus next time.

Walking a lot burns those damn calories!

Same here with getting the right jump shot --- unless my photographer starts whining.

Thanks. Listening to the tourist guide (in Corregidor) was like re-taking 'Philippine History', lol! I feel bad for not knowing or remembering much..

It surprises me that there's sooo much to explore on our own country. Hope I'll get to explore more.