Monday, May 18, 2009

five for the shelf

Been sick for the past week that nothing much happened except for the monotonous lifestyle (read: apartment - work - apartment) that I've been trying to reacquaint since last Monday. Trying to be productive amidst sickness, I've been reading Monte Cristo and would have finished it last weekend if not for my eyes --- they drop at its own whim.

Moving on.

Inset photo are the additional books that will be lodging on my still-non-existent shelf. (note to self: buy a DIY shelf. Find something at IKEA)
1) How Starbucks Saved my Life by Michael Gates Gill.
-When I saw the title, I then knew that I had to buy it --- this better be funny.

2) Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami
-Another from the famous Japanese contemporary writer. Basing on the little synopsis at the back of the book, it involves lesbianism. Hmmm..Interesting.

3) From Russia with Love by Ian Fleming
-I've read somewhere that JFK listed this book as one of his favorites. And my mother said that it's her favorite Bond film -- ever. Not even Daniel Craig's fabulous abs can beat that, I suppose. lol

4) A Long Way Gone (Memoirs of a Boy Soldier) by Ishmael Beah
-An autobiography of a young African boy who became a soldier, not by choice, at the age of thirteen until UNICEF came to rescue him at the age of sixteen.

5) Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
-I've been looking for this in every known bookstore but fate, finally, presented itself and guided me to the right shop. Bought this in KR last March along with nos. 3 and 4. (above).

In other news, the whole country is panicking about (Swine) H1N1 flu. A few cases were confirmed in Kansai region. =(


Ella said...

You've got interesting books in your invisible shelf! Your site is better than shelfari! lol (which i fail to visit now) I've not read monte cristo yet but saw the film and it caught me. must be better in print, as always. ;p

yeah i've heard about the H1N1 in japan... drink a lot of fluids and wash your hands more frequently.. (that's what they say to lessen the chances of getting the flu) hope you'll feel better.. =)

amor said...

Ella, i don't have swine flu!! and hopefully, never. But thanks for the tips. The same tips were being emailed to us (employees) earlier.

Ella said...

Haha. Those are precautionary tips =) Get well soon!

lainee said...

How's the sickness going mor? Getting better na? Do get well soon, otherwise your immune system is still weak. Kinahanglan na jud mag mask!
Plenty of people affected with A(H1N1) na jud in Japan, better to go home to Cebu where there are virtually none.
Have you seen Angels & Demons na? :) And yeah, sure, kita2x nya ta before I go home for good. How's June?

ChinkyGirLMeL said... starbucks saved my life sounds interesting. let me know how it goes...I'll try to check the book store nearby to see if they have it here. =)

Nashe^ said...

Hey! I nearly bought #4! Don't know why I didn't.

Ahh... I've been reading A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini and the "A Child Called It" trilogy by Dave Pelzer.