Saturday, April 25, 2009

8 things

Foreword: MSN was right. Saturday is all rain at 12degC.

I admit not being much a fan of memes but can't pass this "8 Things" tag from Alaine of Got Ice Cream? because the weather is not that inspiring to write about =P

Eight things I look forward to:
Refer to my 4/23 post for the list -- the most recent in mind.

Eight things I did yesterday:
1) Had lunch with Christy at a ramen house near the station.
2) Was asked to proofread a notary document by my officemate.
3) Went to Cloister and end up buying a chic polka-dot coat at 50% off from its original price.
4) Read blogs.
5) Watched ANTM 12 via the net. It's my guilty pleasure even if the show is getting nonsense. (Tyra, why did you kick Natalie out?!?!)
6) Called T a few minutes before midnight only to find out he's having a superb time. (Ugh...Wednesday, why you seem so far?)
7) Checked emails.
8) Slept late because it was Friday.

Eight things I wish I could do:
1) Sing like Mariah (I secretly want to break glass just by singing).
2) Own a fat orange cat.
3) Buy a beach house.
4) EU trip
5) Go venture for a food franchise.
6) Run for a marathon (main resort if I gain gazillion of kilos)
7) 100 crunches everyday.
8) Contribute an article for Youngblood.

Eight shows I watch:
1) American Idol 8 (I'm rooting for Adam or that Jason Mraz-like guy)
3) Grey's Anatomy
4) Project Runway (waiting for Season 6) list ends there. Don't have time to watch any series that much.

Now, I'm tagging everyone!


Nashe^ said...

I'm craving for ramen right now!!!

lainee said...

Youngblood! Me too, mor!!! I tried before but didn't get published hehe... so, I'll be writing another one soon :)
Fat orange cat reminds me of Hermione's Crookshanks.
And lastly, what kind of food franchise? I've been thinking of that too but changed my mind. I'd like to own a coffee slash book shop though :)

Casey McGill said...

I can't remember what I did yesterday so I commend you. I need to do something about this, add some order to my life. Is AI good this season? I haven't seen it in while.

The Demigoddess said...

I stopped watching ANTM a long time ago but I always always loved that show.

Ah, a beach house in Boracay sounds really nice.

amor said...

In my case, I'm craving for Pinoy food.

Since college, I enjoy reading YB in Inquirer. That at one time, I swore that I must contribute an article someday. But the problem is..I can't find any interesting or inspirational about my life story?! So I deferred, and deferred...and now, I have (less than) a year left!?! (I think they only allow twenty-somethings)

AI is so-so, lol. As for me, I would want Adam to win but anything can happen..

ANTM is getting worse! But I still watch it. lol

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

My boyfriend and I are also planning to invest in a food franchise. Where are you planning to have it? In Japan or in the Philippines?

amor said...

Mel, it's sooooo expensive here. I can't even afford the ones in the Phils., how much more JP, lol. It's just a "I wish I could.." list. Must starve myself from now on to come up with enough amount. lol.

nityamonto said...

then go dun for a marathon! i love running. i wish i can accompany you.