Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anyang, South Korea

Safely arrived in the afternoon, yesterday. The planned rendezvous at Starbucks failed - for T 'spotted' me while reading Incheon airport's directory, searching for B1 (where SB is located).

Perfect timing.

From there, we took a limousine bus to Anyang (where T's apartment is) that further aggravated my headache -- the downside of 'travel'. After an hour of bus ride, we reached the nearest station to his place. I insisted for us to walk, breathe fresh air and shake off that stupid headache instead of taking the cab. Part of my reason, also, was for me to gape at my then immediate surroundings.

It doesn't differ much to JP but I'm not about to settle my assumptions as final. A glance from here and there is not enough. There are, of course, a LOT waiting for me to explore.

P.S. They love CSI here. Marathon of previous seasons in the morning, and two new episodes (of season 9) in primetime. Yay!

P.P.S. - Pictures will definitely follow once I get hold of a card reader.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

So, how's the weather there in Korea? Is it cold there this time of the year? It would have been nice to go for a refreshing walk. I bet you're really excited to explore Korea. I'm looking forward to checking out the pictures you took. =)

lainee said...

hi mor! it's been a while. daghan nang blog url changes nilabay hehehe... say hi to korea for me :)

amor said...

@chinkymel, Spring is here so the cold is now bearable. I think I've overdressed because I brought puff jacket w/ me. lol

@lainee..i just said 'hi' to it. lol