Monday, March 16, 2009

Meet me at Starbucks, 인천국제공항

Earlier, around 13:00 hours, I was unplugging the cables that connect my desktop, mouse, CPU and the keyboard, then carted them from 7F to 10F. Yes, that’s how things are done here. DIY.

And yes, I finally moved.

Moving to another project meant moving to a new space. That being done, I am now sitting at the best seat that Christy will kill for. Because it’s almost secluded that I can sleep without getting caught it’s one of those seats close to the window which pretty makes a good diversion if bored.

Though I am not supposed to start working for this new project until April, I just made the rash, but logical, decision that I should stuff - with permission, of course. Just before lunch, I finished my turnover to my successor in less than 30 minutes, and sent my ‘thank you’ email to my project mates (not farewell, because we are still bound to see each other in the halls, elevators, or at the pantry). Right after lunch, I headed back to my space, ready to unplug everything until one email, so distinguished from others (because I had it ruled to be colored yellow –just for that VIP). That VIP is none other than my former boss. His reply message was heartwarming. I don’t have to hear those words from him, personally. His message alone validates that I did a great job.

Now, I’m stuck doing nothing which is something I hate but love doing - for now.

The thing is, I am excited to embark on this new project but not really excited to work ‘today’. There is something far more exciting that’s been clouding me. I just decided to move my office stuff so that by April, just after my vacayy, I can just zoom in and get on to business.

About the vacayy that got me more anxious at every nanosecond, T and I have come to decide the meeting place because we happen to be the only couple (in the world) that ‘only’ use mobile phones in P.I. Yes, we are sooo outdated.

Considering our situation, the absence of mobile phones is inexcusable.

Steve Jobs will never forgive me until I buy an iPhone.


anne said...

Blog hopping is fun! LOL. I'm sure Steve Jobs will be okay if you don't get an iPhone :P I know, I'm not. Still holding out for the HTC Sapphire/Magic/G2.

The Demigoddess said...

Gurl, can you tell me why you don't have a phone? It's difficult, really,given that you and T are far away from each other.

amor said...

@anne, I think Steve's not really that mad. I have iPod. That should make him a little happy.

@angel, I do want to but being a 'hermit' doesn't require one. lol. Seriously, I used to have (in JP) but it was only as good as my alarm. T and I see each other in Skype every night. In the mornings, we're both busy with work. With friends (in JP), there's not much in my list, lol. I'm a hermit, remember.