Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seoul, mate. Seoul.

This Korea trip would not be my first. The first was in Aug 2006 which was 100% work-related, in Busan.

This time is purely personal, so making the most of it is a must.

Earlier, I decided to meet T for lunch in Seoul. After our mini-orientation last night about how to get there (the nearest station to his office, where to transfer, etal.), I didn't feel any apprehensions at all. Like I was soo confident that I will not get lost -- which turned out to be true for I found that trainhopping was not at all complicated here compared to Tokyo metro lines. Seoul metro line is somehow easier, maybe, because there's not much lines to begin with -- which works well for beginners. Of course, if not for the world-wide-web, it would have fell under 'lost in translation' files, too.

Anyway, T brought me to their usual lunch location. I was prepared to whatever exotic or hot to digest because this is part of the experience.
So, he went back to work and I was left roaming around Tehran St. (Teheranno) in Gangnam district of Seoul.
And what else do you expect from me -- with camera on hand, take gazillions of pictures.


Nashe^ said...

LOL your shoes look cute there!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

The gifts are really cute. The food looks delicious. Kuyog ko sa inyo mag food trip beh. hehehehe...So how do you find korean food? I love love love spicy food. I heard koreans have KIMCHI PIZZA? Have you tried that. BY the way, you're such a cutie pie.... I love your long hair, makes me miss my long hair...have a great time at korea!

amor said...

@Nashe, thanks.

@ChinkyGirlMel, Giganahan baya ko sa ilang makaon. Anad-anad lang cguro, lol.About the kimchi pizza, I will try looking for that one here.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Are you serious about looking for kimchi pizza?! I eat kimchi but my goodness, kimchi pizza sounds really ummm eeeewwwwww... ana si mommy nako, luod daw ang kimchi murag baho tiil na gi pickle daw. lols...

amor said...

Mel, I like kimchi so why not try the pizza version too?! I imagine that it looks gross