Sunday, January 18, 2009

Updated (some) Facts about me

Over time, people change. Be it from experience, peer pressure or simply the fact, change is inherent. I realized (after reading this post, June 19, 2007) that after a span of less than two years, I did change...A LOT. I could delete the entire post strike-through half of it but decided against it.

Take for instance. (see post link)

4.) It will take me a day to tidy up my room but to raise havoc ---- will only take a few seconds.

[present] I'm quite a neat freak now.

6.) I used to love reading actual books until the circulation of bootlegged movies and e-books from the net came to life. Must revert to REAL books (read: hardcopies) because e-books are aggravating my vision. Besides, I've always dreamed of having this huge shelf full of my fave books...

[present] I'm back with books! E-books can never take place of actual books. Other than aggravating my vision for the former, the latter are just irreplaceable for me.

7.) At work, drowsy or not, I browse the net. Believe me, I'm not the only one.

[present] Sad but more happy to say that i no longer do this. The demands of work prevent me from doing so. If the demands are not that high, there are other work-related things to do. Somebody pat me in the back for such act of restraint, lol.

Daytime = work, Evening = personal time (that includes net-browsing).

9.) Photoshop is LOVE. Whenever I have a so-called PS Project, I'm so obsessed on finishing it in a day.

When i say PS project, I mean vector work. 2007 was the year it all started. I was obssessed! Weekends were mostly spent indoors doing vector and browsing for tricks and tips in the net. Like, completely isolated myself from the social scene (read: group activities).

[present] I haven't done vectoring since 2nd quarter of 2008. I got tired or just plain too busy to make some.

12.) I believe that Wentworth Miller is God's gift to women =P

[present] No longer true. Gerard Butler is!

Next, i'll post my current obsession(s).

*stomach makes grumbling sound*

I have to go out.. NOW! Fridge is empty.

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