Tuesday, June 19, 2007

(Some) Facts about me

Just sharing few tidbits. Call me narcissistic but hey, this is my space?! Got a problem with that?!??
1.) I soooo love ice cream! Like I said, it's my comfort food. Preferably, cookies 'n cream. Ube comes next.

2.) Aside from sleeping, shopping is my ultimate stress reliever! I love to shop! (esp. if it's on sale). I buy things by impulse, specifically the ones I like best. A simple 'shop-browsing' can often lead to a purchase. Considering that my pocket moolah is enough, if I like a certain design, I would want another of different color, hehe. Though aware of my limitations (read: poor), I make it a point to leave some for my stomach. Food is absolutely non-negotiable!

3.) My room-table-turned-dresser is full of beauty products. I've tried almost everything (no wonder my face is full of pimples =P). Some would just sit there, waiting for my consumption or for its expiry. Teeehhhhee..I'm vain...NOT! I just like trying things...

4.) It will take me a day to tidy up my room but to raise havoc ---- will only take a few seconds.

5.) Unlike most girls (even in my age!), I'm not fond of stuff toys. I can only count in one hand that's currently nesting in my room.

6.) I used to love reading actual books until the circulation of bootlegged movies and e-books from the net came to life. Must revert to REAL books (read: hardcopies) because e-books are aggravating my vision. Besides, I've always dreamed of having this huge shelf full of my fave books...

7.) At work, drowsy or not, I browse the net. Believe me, I'm not the only one.

8.) I love shoes! Lately, I'm beginning to pamper my fetish for slippers =P

9.) Photoshop is LOVE. Whenever I have a so-called PS Project, I'm so obsessed on finishing it in a day.

10.) Been a Mariah Carey fan since 13. At 15, I finally owned an MC cassette tape (my first ever), Daydream. I value it soo much but my fabulous gay brother lost the tape while traveling. Anyway, I was able to bargain a CD in one of my FM escapades here. In spite of the changes in her look, I still adore her music but not as much as the 90's MC.

11.) I barely eat whenever in "Concentration Mode" (read: doing PS, surfing the net, watching bootlegged movies or worse, sleeping the whole day..)

12.) I believe that Wentworth Miller is God's gift to women =P

13.) a blogger since April 2005 (via friendster).

14.) A certified beach bum: i love walking barefoot by the seashore, hearing the crashing waves.. or simply watch as the sun sets...

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