Saturday, June 23, 2007

disoriented and train-hopping thereafter

My Saturday started early. Woke up few minutes before 8am.

At 8:45am, I dashed on my way to Rinkai clinic...and upon reaching 7/11, I got LOST! I knew that the clinic is somewhere near 7/11. It's like that 7/11 was my dead end that I was practically clueless as to which way?

So I end up making several rounds with my bike under the penetrating heat of the sun, thinking that I might pass by the said clinic. Yet still no clinic is to be found. I tried making rounds again and tried to remember the night of November 2006 (the first & last time I went there..for vaccination).

Helpless, hopeless, and sweating, I asked a total of 3 strangers. Their directions were not of help since they barely speak English. I can only decipher a few words and one even told me that I may be looking for Murayama hospital. In short, they are not aware of a clinic within their neighborhood or probably, they think that I was asking directions to Rinkai Koen (park).

In dire desperation and hating the idea that some people are waiting for me, I mumbled words of prayer, asking God for help. As to whatever happened next, I was sure that God answered my plea. For no reason, my instinct told me to go to the other side of the road since I've been navigating (countless times) the back street of 7/11. So I went to the opposite and VIOLA!!!! I found the clinic! Sudden flashbacks began playing: the small car park beside the small clinic bldg. and the sliding glass door, and the lobby with a 'bust' of whoever. Hurriedly, I went in, gave thanks to God and apologized to some people as I arrived. (I was late for 30 mins...meaning, I've been biking around 7/11 area that long!?)

Fastforward. My urine test was fine. The doctor said that the result was negative: No problems whatsoever. He advised me to come back on Monday night since I have problems with (insert medical term here which I forgot) layman's term: too much oil. He (the doctor) told me that my oil consumption has doubled as compared to last year (Yr.2006: 95; Yr.2007: 207). And considering that I have lost weight by 1.5 kgs., fueled more his disbelief. Thus, he advised me to eat non-oily foods more often (see, not avoid).

So, they took some blood sample. For what it's worth, I just hope there's nothing serious about that 'oil' thing. So by Monday, I'll make a draft of questions concerning my current 'health' issue and ask him.

After my mini-discussion with the doctor and the two some people left (actually, they're Zam and Dione), two of the other some people were left waiting (one being the 'OUR' superior). Since I was late and I just don't want to drag them along with the waiting I have to go through, I told 'OUR' superior to "go ahead because I can take care of myself". So, they left and I waited for my name to be called (again) for the payment.

The original plan after the med-check was to go central Tokyo to look and shop for some things, I decided to drop by G.U. (Nishikasai) having my four-digit-moolah into the drain!!

My spree in Nishikasai was exhausting (yeah, after all the rounds I biked), made me hungry. And so, to Mo's Burger I went....
Finally, my train-hopping started as anticipated. (i do keep a schedule).
Until my camwhoring was put to hold because I had my W80 cam checked at Sony. [minor flashback:] Just after I purchased the cam last month, I observed that its casing is too loose that makes it vulnerable if it falls out from my grip [end of minor flashback]. That's why I had it checked and requested them (Sony) to tighten the casing.

So the rest of my adventures were not documented. =(

Toured Akihabara, Ueno and Shinjuku. And my feet hurt.

The Loot (brown Havaianas, Rusty bikini, white shoes, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume, Acrylic paint from Tokyu Hands, and packs of Green tea)
*pic taken using my Sony P100 cam*
Then awaits a lemon scented bath...cure for my hurting feet and stinky self.

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