Saturday, June 30, 2007

Food Trip - Chiocciol@Pizzeria

I left for Akihabara after eating brunch by which the quantity does not even measure to less than minimum as required by any health expert. So right after claiming my newly-repaired camera at Sony around 3pm, I hurriedly went looking for something decent to eat. Yoshinoya and McDonald's were not considered as options for I want to go someplace new.

My willingness to splurge and empty stomach led me to Akiba Ichi. I'm not sure if it is a mall or purely food strip with offices on the upper floors. It was my first time to actually visit the place and I never bothered to check everything because my mindset then was about eating. Though I passed by there twice before and knowing my usual objective every time I go to Akihabara, that is: shopping for electronics/gadgets, must have prevented me to seldom anywhere but Laox (a Duty-free shop). While scanning Akiba Ichi's directory of restaurants, I randomly chose chiocciol@pizzeria.
For I arrived sometime mid-afternoon, the place was quite deserted...which is better. The restaurant looks all cozy. I feel like having a dinner date but sad to say, I could hear my own background music playing; All by Myself =P

Anyway, the pizza (t'was called Margarita in the menu which I randomly picked) was huge, lots of melted cheese (like it!), tomato sauce, and peppermint leaves.

After roaming, a little shopping and eating a heavy meal in Akihabara, I would have wanted to go to Ueno (my new shopping hub!, hehe) but the dark-cloudy weather as if chunky raindrops were about to fall anytime...led me to cancel my plan.

1/F Akiba Ichi, 
Tel no. 03-3258-5671

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