Monday, July 02, 2007

Reminiscing Kyoto

Bored and wide awake, I decided to blog-hop late Saturday night and came across Romsil's blog. I noticed that he was blogging since June 2006, so I checked his posts. Suddenly, I remembered that Dorothy and I went to Kyoto last September 2006 with them (Romsil, Gloridel, and Anna Mae) as our tour guides. I found his post regarding the superb-escapade in full details and with pictures to prove!! Good thing he withheld our names, saving us from further sheer embarrassment =P

(clockwise from top left) D and I, a geisha, red lantern (i think it's a tea house), random Japanese in traditional clothes

(clockwise from top left) Japanese woman in traditional clothes, The Golden Pavilion, and Gion

(clockwise from top left) Kobe Motomachi, unique architecture, our tired feet, D and I.

Flashback: It took us 2 months to plan the KKO (Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka) trip. I had a contact from Osaka, whom I met through an online Bisaya forum. She was kind enough to provide us accommodation and practically, organized the trip. At first, Dorothy and I were just aiming to explore the beauty of Kyoto and Osaka, but upon knowing from Gloridel (our contact/tour guide) that Kobe is adjacent to Osaka..we decided to include it in our itinerary as suggested by her.

Present: The trip was a blast and absolutely, a summer well spent!! I'd love to put into fine points the particular destinations we visited but regretfully, my memory is not serving me good now.

The excuse: I failed to blog that amazing trip because I had no time and undeniably, really busy with my (then) assigned project, thus, preventing me to scribble anything but work-related.
Anyway, read Romsil's blog. (Warning: Pure Bisdaks involve! So bear our native language): Kyoto - The Real Deal!


gloridel said...

gloridel here, tig blog diay ka amor :D. Bitaw maau gali kay nag blog si romsil, I have not started blogging that time so I was not able to put it into writing :D

anyways the other girl was Ana Mae "Kagz".

Hopefully you can come visit us again, and make sure its spring , Kyoto is much more pretty at that time :D

amor said...

mao jud, maayo gi-blog ni romsil w/ pics pa jud, haha..ako i-edit..nakalimut jud ko ni Ana Mae, hehe..