Saturday, July 07, 2007


It comes once in a lifetime! Absolutely, I'll never get to live another 7.07.07 date. That would be: July 07, 2107. A hundred years from now, I would be 127 yrs. old.....decomposed, rot with worms and somewhere 6 feet under.


My day started early. It was cloudy and I saw no signs of rain. I went to work and after that, roamed around Nishikasai in my rickety bike, and dropped by this music store: Subaru.
And I bought these:
HP 3, 2, and 1

I love Harry Potter so I never hesitated buying them at that price. They were absolutely a bargain! Anyway, I'm a huge fan and there's no excuse for me not to buy them. I would want to have the HP 4 (Goblet of Fire) but it was not on SALE yet (read: I'm El Cheapo!). Well, I'll check it two months from now.

Next stop was my new favorite shop, G.U. Until now, I really don't know what those initials stand for. I'll make it a point to ask their salespeople on my next visit just to fuel my curiosity. I did vow not to purchase anything for me this day...just chocolates for pasalubong.
...and I did break my self-sworn statement when I found this:
yah, yah..i know the buttoned-shirt does not go along well with my necklace..just too excited to camwhore with it.

again, it was on SALE!! I can't just let anyone have it..LOL

Satisfied with my shop finds, I decided to pig-out somewhere. Randomly chose Mister Donut. Though they don't serve my forever favorite Pineapple Filled (like the ones in Dunkin Donuts), I decided to spoil myself with a lot of chocolate-inspired ones. And a noodle soup which was served cold! Lucky for them, I was just sooo hungry that I waived my customer's right to complain.

Before I went to Attack to buy chocolates and Japanese yummies, I stopped by some mini-parks and found a graffiti.
Wahhh..and camwhored almost endlessly...until I reminded myself to get going before it gets dark.

I'm forever grateful to whoever invented photography. They capture moments, events and things, thus, making it possible for us to share it with people.

I very well remember someone telling me and demeaning my camera just because it was made in China. SO WHAT!??? Everything seems to be made from there. FYI: Only LABOR is China and the major ones (THE PARTS) are of Japanese quality. I don't even think Sony will sell their products without going through careful Quality Assurance. Gosh! I will definitely roll my eyes if ever I hear snide remarks about my precious cam (again). Well, don't expect me to stoop to your level and I don't have to explain the details. Besides, Sony is better than any brand (IMHO)...LOL...Except for the DSLR types (for Professionals). I'm just a Nobody, a shutterbug and no plans of pursuing a career of being a Paparazzo...just making shots for pure fun. Based on my experience, I highly recommend Sony for point and shoot DCs.

Another Saturday well spent. *sigh* I can now see myself strolling Cebu next Saturday. And that would have to begin somewhere downtown...specifically, Colon Street..hehe. I need to visit my dentist first.


alaine said...

swerte imong 07.07.07 because you got to buy a lot of stuff on sale! i was planning to go shopping today pero nag ulan sa among area. so much for good luck. maybe friday the 13th (next week!) will be a luckier day for me :D
have fun on your vacation sa pinas. :)

amor said...

haha, wish me luck this friday the 13th...