Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sisterly Love

I just had a 'serious' chat with my sister earlier. It was a poignant one not to the extent that we're crying bucketful of tears, but something we rarely do. Most of our online conversations would start with 'how are you?', until it evolves to the latest happenings in our lives. She's already married and currently on her way of becoming a mother, come 3-4 months from now. She is happy in spite of some opposing reactions. I support her happiness all the way.

Having a sister was never easy (my perspective as a kid...some many many years ago). Not that I was hostile by the time she came out from my mother's womb. It's the misunderstandings and preferential treatment she enjoyed that I hate because almost always, I ended up having to give in just because she's younger. It's not that it happened most of the time because we do have a lot of good memories as kids. Much worse was that we share the same birthday?! I even thought that my parents were joking or merged it on purpose, but it's really true! It came to a time that I was thinking on changing my birthday sometime December because (1.) I hate sharing my special day with her for it often ended wearing the same design of clothes! (A family tradition...We're like twins. It's just that she's younger by 3 years!?); (2.) I sometimes abhor the fact that my birthday happens around Holy Week. The atmosphere is just too gloomy that being merry during those times is like, unacceptable; and (3.) I just love Christmas! Well, it's common knowledge that siblings do quarrel, so I don't think I'm that evil...LOL!

Bury the hatchet. As if ours is that really disturbing. Remember, we were merely kids then.

As we've grown mature, we became very close just like best friends. We would talk from night 'til the first signs of morning and not even feel any slight of dizziness (OK, maybe a little). Our topics are endless. From current events, showbiz, boys, fashion, up to our tidbits of life. We've come to appreciate each others' differences. I admire her expertise in cooking which I absolutely lack, and her delicious Mango Float is to die for. She's more organized with regards to her clothes while mine is like a pile of dirty laundry. She has the traits on how a grown-up should act (or so I think). Unlike me, who until now can't even prepare a decent dish other than frying (not that it even counts!). She's not even afraid to bend the rules and the consequence of being scolded or grounded won't even stop her. While me, I was just too goody-girl or simply coward to break boundaries before.

Can't wait to see her this week! It's going to be a long talk ahead. She's a strong person and I'm very proud of her for sticking to her principles.

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