Monday, January 12, 2009

Meyer, Fitzgerald and Maguire

Yesterday, I went here..
and bought these...

1.) Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (second from bottom)

Nah, i wish they had the original cover. This one resembles the teaser poster...

OK, i'm jumping on the bandwagon of twilight fanatics. It finally occurred to me that i must read this book because i feel left out, lol! Anyway, while i was surveying the shelves, i suddenly heard a teenage girl (an American), with her mother, squealed at the sight of Meyer's books. Her mother apologized to me and I smiled back (implying 'no problem').

She, having seen me holding the Twilight book, told that (pointing to the book) it's a good one and she and her daughter enjoyed reading it. I continued with my sweet smile, and said that i heard about it too. She then told me that they're leaving tomorrow and her daughter has been looking for the sequel. Then added, "a good read for a long flight back home". While the daughter continued gushing about "The New Moon" (Twilight sequel), her father joined them, and went on with their conversation about the movie. I, on the other hand, left them and went to another shelf...thinking - what a cute family.

2.) The New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Just in case I might really fall for Meyer's books (w/c is highly probable), I purchased the sequel even without having read the first. Going to Roppongi requires a lot of time and effort for me (almost an hour travel + one train line transfer). With that effort, deserves better reasons for doing so. Get my drift??

3.) The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

A classic. Acccording to the first few pages, it was first published in 1926. How many books have survived this long?? Therefore, a must-read.

4.) Wicked by Gregory Maguire

I enjoyed watching Dorothy in her ruby shoes, and her (mis)adventures at Oz. This time, i want to read the wicked witch's side of the story. Her life story.

Here in Japan, Wicked the Musical is widely advertised (mostly inside trains and stations). It's currently running in Dentsu Shiki Theatre (in Caretta - Shidome, Tokyo), and not sure until when it ends production though. Too bad it's in Nihonggo (i've seen bits on TV).

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