Monday, July 14, 2008

i miss corny

As a newlywed, people often ask me, "How's my marriage life?". I can only answer a simple "OK", because it really is just OK. I can't really point the right word(s) since we don't live under the same roof (heck, not even on the same soil!?!) In other words, the lack of experience of the "reality" disables me to find the right adjective. Honestly, we're back to LDR (long-distance relationship).

Though society dictates that married couples should dwell together, we beg to differ out of necessity...ok, out of choice.

I know i had the choice to just forego the opportunity and be with him...but my heart will always long for something...something to do other than be the plain housewife. Thus, i chose opportunity. After all, you don't marry the person because you want to be with him/her but for the sole reason of love. I'm just glad and thankful for having an understanding husband.

*sigh* i could tell the many possible ways we've tried to be in one place yet our efforts proved futile (so far). I fervently hope that sooner we will be sleeping on same the bed, and lounge on the same couch while laughing at our respective silly-corny jokes...without losing our identities.

i miss.

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