Sunday, July 20, 2008

feet-ish tales

(1.) So I said to myself that NEVER in my life will i ever wear Crocs, especially those duck-feet like designs! eeennngkkk...Lesson learned: NEVER say NEVER.

Last Thursday evening, while I was looking for cuticle remover, my eyes caught sight on these pink Crocs Athens. It was love at first sight! Without second thoughts, I hurriedly brought it to the counter (it's as if it were the last pair on earth). I was thinking of the flats-type knowing my fascination over 'flats' but on the other hand, it's all about the..color! hahah, Quite shallow reason for buying. Gotta admit they are comfy. Just the right footwear for my walkathon-required location.
(2.) Vans checkboard shoes. It was a wish list since last year. I have been looking for that model (the lady-like flats) in Ueno, hoping it would be cheaper there, but no Vans of that model are available. Even in Cebu and S'pore, I dropped by shoe stores hoping to see the coveted. Still the results were zilch.

Not until yesterday.

After working OT, I dropped by LaLaport since they extended their so-called Summer Sale (and of course, to get away from the scorching heat of mid-day sun)..and there it was, enticing me to fit it! I was a bit disappointed because it was not on sale...pfft..considering my assumptions of getting it for less. However, the impulsive buyer (in me) persisted that i have been wanting those shoes for ages (a year does sound ages to me) and finally, it's there..waiting for an owner. To cut the story short, i bought it...and I'm happy with the rash decision though.


lainee said...

mor, it's a truly bad idea for me to read your fashion-related posts. masuya lang ko! haha... and there goes my resolve nga di na mag impulse buying para maka save. grrr...
i love those vans shoes! as innnn! na awaken akong desire to go shopping. :(
btw, nakaingon na ba ko welcome back to JP? :D if wala pa, then welcome back!

amor said...

yay, thanks sa welcome, haha..