Wednesday, July 02, 2008

the coffee monster

Lately, i've been resorting to iced coffee everytime i feel my eyes falling from focus. it's like the only solution i know, thus far, that can stop my eyelids from dropping. the disadvantage is that every morning coffee equals to 150yen cash outflow =P. as much as i avoid the unwanted cash outflow, it leaves me no choice for i can't think of any other solution. well, i tried others; like, diverting my attention from work to net browsing, (which is not as effective as coffee); and don't get me started on the lack of exercise because my morning involves a sum of 20+ mins. walk! well as the 'don't skip breakfast' philosophy; i've been following that rule since mid-May.
seriously though, 150yen coffee is not that bad at all. the iced coffee in our canteen is self-service. one can put as much as ice, cream, and syrup as one fancies. the plastic cup size resembles to Starbucks' tall plastic, it's worth it. well, what matters to me most is its effectiveness.

Thank God though, i only crave coffee in the mornings!!? i'd be on deficit if i frequent it in one day!? especially now that my atm has not yet arrived, i've been scrimping on my!

sometimes, i feel that this drowsy state is all in the mind. But honestly, i just can't stop it from happening, though one could have prevented it by sleeping early..(i should do that). this "sleeping early" advice has been around for ages and I don't really grasp the whole idea for too long.

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