Saturday, May 31, 2008


Arrived very early in the morning of 5/28, T (who's been working here since January) introduced me the wide and well-lit streets of Singapore. Even if the delayed CP flight was a bit frustrating, I caught myself glancing sideways, and be in complete awe in spite of my sleep-deprived state. In other words, i was unsuccessful in my attempts of hiding my excitement...though, at least, i was able to hold it down and managed to gush less.

(L-R) The obligatory tourist photo with the Merlion, Orchard Road, Esplanade, and Maps and Tourist Information.

On my very first day, T (who served as my personal tour guide) showed me the busy Orchard Rd., the durian-looking Esplanade, and the Merlion Park. Lucky for us, the latter was not crowded. We were able to get a better view of the famous "half-fish, half-lion" structure, and the city panorama.

Next stop...Sentosa.

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