Sunday, May 25, 2008

the wedding

Finally, i decided to write into details about the whole wedding. Perhaps, not all dream weddings turned out as planned because, as if almost always, some little problems happen. But in the end, ours was just we envisioned for we're headstrong and ignored those silly flaws. We sure didn't want to spoil our big day.
After the proposal in July 2007, T and I were eyeing to set our wedding day on the same day we became committed to each other; That is, May 21. And since I was assigned in Tokyo for work, he did most of the reservations and inquiries (for church, wedding reception, gov't requirements, etal.). Of course, we chatted about it over Skype before making final decisions.
For the church: we preferred Redemptorist Church (near Mango Ave., CC) and later found out that they don't officiate weddings on Wednesdays, by which May 21, 2008 happen to fall. So, our next option was Sacred Heart Parish (in Jakosalem St. CC). Though they charge almost double as normal for other churches, we chose it because the parish is just the perfect venue(except for the fact that they're quite strict as to dress code, like no soul-baring gown, haha).

For the Reception: Actually, T and I decided to look for the best reception together because he wanted for the both us to see the place. So right after his vacation in Tokyo, we went home to Cebu for the holidays, and immediately, went straight to business. We had three choices, until we sorted them and chose City Sports Club Cebu (located at Cebu Business Park). We got lucky because we got to use three Sinulog ballrooms, and their inclusions were worth a saving (the cake and bridal car). Though we were bit disappointed on the actual day because the food tasted quite bland compared to the food tasting we had two days ago (which was heavenly!!). Anyway, we shook 'that' off and just went on.
The Bridal Gown: I had my gown and T's barong made by Becketts (in Gorordo Ave.). They specialize in Weddings and they also have rentals. 
Though I had in mind my dream wedding gown, all I wanted was a simple tube dress. The top was made of embroidered cloth with little white beads. I decided to put some color by having a blue satin belt (though it did not turned out well because, I wanted to have it ribboned) but anyway, after some thought, the ribbon would just oppose the simplicity I envisioned on it. Of course, having booked SH Parish, one must abide to their strict rules..pfft.

So, they suggested putting on a bolero. At first, i was hesitant over the bolero because it might not flatter me. However, during the fitting, I just love the bolero. It was nicely done, and I was impressed by the zig-zag hem. For the entourage, we rented them as first-user. I helped the designs, the color (we come to match blue and silver). My Maid-of-Honor helped the designs for her gown as well.

The colour: Blue and Silver. We don't have a specific motif. Blue because T and I both love the color and it is reminiscent to beach. Silver..hmm, just not to bore ev
erything with blue, haha..
The wedding invites are proudly made by me, lol! Believe me, I had a hard time on the concept (see post dtd. Feb 11).

The wedding rings: We decided that I purchase the rings in Tokyo since the selection are many. I visited Tsutumi (a famous Japanese jewelry shop), asked for a brochure then took pictures of the brochure, and showed it to T for our deliberation. Since there's no way i know of his size, he sent me his ring (that was made just for this purpose!?).
Then we settled for the gold and platinum band that we both love. 
The giveaways are miniature (i think) functional gas lamps. My mother suggested it after going through her collection of wedding giveaways from friends, haha..i like it bec. it's not common. After ordering it from a Chinese store located at Carbon market and like I said, being 'not common'; the supplier called (a week or so before the 'day') and informed us that they cannot fully deliver the quantities as ordered. Thus, plan B came to exist..and that was candles, in starfish form. Again, T and I like it bec. it reminded us of the beach and it's blue...At first, i find the color too bluey but as I was putting silver ribbons around it to tie the tags, it look pretty good.Wedding photographer: go to

Flowers: Beca's flower shop. Her stall is located near Jollibee, P. del Rosario. T left the 'flower' decision-making to me so I want it all white because I want everything to be cohesive, and not clash my super blue-y motif. My flower was a bouquet of Lilium, while my entourage had white roses.

Make-Up and Hair. My brother's friends, did the make-up. Our hairs were awesome because they were actually designed to accentuate our features. Stella and Joy C.'s hairs were soooo Imeldific!

So, there you have it. Weddings are indeed stressful. actually had an anxiety attack just a day before. Really funny.

It's actually best to prepare it at least six months prior to the event; and as one friend said, don't expect everything to be flawless.

In summary, weddings are fun, exciting and draining in all aspects (lol!) We're glad we pulled it off. Imagine I did not take the services of a wedding coordinator. We're just glad that our family and friends were there to support us.


lainee said...

mor, you're a very beautiful bride! love the blue dresses :)
best wishes to you and toby!

evacharina said...

I wished it was me walking down the aisle. Your are very beautiful in your self designed wedding gown. This couple is simply Amazing... Best Wishes and Congratulations to Both of You..

Yen said...

Congrats,Amor! Kasal na diay ka;)