Sunday, June 01, 2008

still gushing over S'pore

Having been left awed by the wonders of what Singapore has offered me, (so far) I am still gushing with oohhs and aahhs after visiting Sentosa.

Our first trip to Sentosa was just plain sightseeing at Siloso beach (since we arrived there late afternoon). Earlier, we went to Singapore Zoo.
Second trip, however, was a blast! T bought package tickets so that we can enjoy their attractions. The best thing of the attractions was learning a piece of Singapore's history. They said that you can actually explore the beauty of Singapore in a day..which is partly true. But having gone all the sight seeing, i think it is best also to know a little of its history. I was curious from the start about Singapore (though i did a little research in Wikipedia before).

Glad I visited 'Images in Singapore' because it allowed me to have an idea of their cultural background, the reason of diversity, and how their differences never hindered their progress as a nation.

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