Thursday, April 10, 2008

sayonara...for now

Today is my last day at work for The Company...and i did not even shed a tear nor my eyes ever felt teary; but i am sad…and at the same time, excited!

Like all people (perhaps), I'm not fond of goodbyes. I've been to many situations where someone (close to me) leaves (even for a short period of time) and I end up crying. In whatever way of leaving, I just abhor it. It may be the reason why i try not to emotionally attach myself with others. Yet my present case is better because I am the 'leaving' party. I am the one to go; which i find easier to handle because leaving means facing a new hurdle, a notch higher; or if referring to death, a new life(?). And maybe the reason as to why no tear ever fell from these eyes is that my departure was something I have been looking forward to happening. It goes without saying that better things are bound to happen after this (as i persistently call) journey.

I will definitely miss the people I've been working with; the gay-ness (if such word exists) of my colleagues; the messy desk that only requires a daily stroke of brush just to clean it; the freedom of munching something while working (which is a big No-No in The Subsidiary); and most importantly "the work". *see how i emphasized the word: work*

I prefer not saying ‘goodbye’, it...(to be continued)

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