Saturday, April 05, 2008

embracing 28

Last Friday night, i had my pre-birthday celebration at the gorgeous Bern's crib. Lacking culinary skills, I decided to order pizza with the help of Suzuki san.
It was fun..I think after celebrating five birthdays in Tokyo...thus far, this is the best, hehe..My friends were kind enough to buy me a cake (though I predicted it all along for I saw a 'packed something' in the fridge). Yet, this one is yummy...and looks somewhat like Pavlova. While some preferred playing a game of poker, others (including me) practiced our 'top-model' skills, LOL!
I thank Bern for allowing me to use his room as the venue; for permitting us to scream and laugh out loud without having the worry of being reprimanded (or let's see on Monday, if we'll be receiving some memo, hehe). My friends, for showing up (i told ya we'll be starting at 8! Sorry to those who had to eat cold pizza).

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