Monday, March 31, 2008

be vague. be very vague.

After almost 2 years of intimacy, tonight marked the last night with George. we decided to make the most of it (thus, this post). Even delaying my nightly bath ritual just to NOT waste some precious seconds.
bye for now. bye George. i'll be shifting to PLDT soon. After some deliberation, George and I have decided to stay 'in relationship' until further notice.
Earlier, just after office hours, we had a mini party for our GM's retirement. I asked him what will he be doing after. He answered back that he'd still be working for The Company. In fact, he'll be in Cebu tomorrow to discuss the revival of our group since it has been long dead (for how long?) since N left. I further asked him about any plans for vacation somewhere since that is what most retirees do after almost a lifetime of working. Not verbatim, he said something like this, "I wish, but I have to work". Call me senile but it sounded almost like that. He added, that his pay is reduced by 40-50% contrary to my belief that retirees, hired as consultants (perhaps), are paid more than what they previously receive because of longevity and expertise. Well, that makes sense. Lesser responsibilities, lesser reward.
On another conversation, of the same venue, Sensei asked me about Japan. i told him that someday, I'll come back again. I really said, definitely. Like, i was so sure of it.
T, having a bad day that started as early as 9 in the morning because of something, chatted about him wanting to go home and just sleep the whole day. I was like doing my best to cheer him up but to no avail. Not until tonight, he showed me 2 new pairs of shoes. He was trying to be defensive and all (because we have this practice of telling our latest purchases), and I could have interrupted him to just shut up and get over with it because it's no big deal at all, hehe...Me to T in bisaya (but translated): "Ok, i get it. You and I share the same sentiment when it comes to releasing frustrations..that is shopping! the only difference is that i don't limit myself to shoes".

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