Wednesday, February 06, 2008

e-mail-swapping with mademoiselle

Last night at work, i had this phone conversation with a persistent, French woman. She represents this (French) company who sells Chemical-related products. As a successor 'buyer' for this transaction, I gathered all my remaining patience to do research on my predecessor's files...pfft. It does not really bother me being passed with new responsibilities though. In fact, i embrace it and am glad that i gain exposure and knowledge with work other than involving 'pipes'. Not until French woman started flooding my low-capacity inbox with her emails; sending my patience elsewhere.

Ok, let me give a bit of history: An agreement between my company and french company was already sealed late last year. In the light of escalating prices, french company submitted a new quotation (just recently), incorporating the increase; Consequently, advising us to revise the contract...Not fair. An agreeement was already met and SIGNED by both parties AND the contract stipulated that the price is fixed 'lump sum' rendering any increase to be irrelevant as far as previous agreement is concern. *whew*. So i thought she finally understood after a week of no contact...until last night, my phone rang.
For the 3rd time, though i admire her insistence and the post-christmas gift she gave (and delivered via DHL) was yummy, I (with my boss' blessing) rejected her appeal for revision. Hope our story ends there.

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