Monday, February 11, 2008

buh-bye boy bawang

One of the brackets of my braces accidentally finally freed itself from its adhesive (on my tooth) after ravenously eating boy bawang. Yeah, i brought two packs of them here..the big ones. It's annoying because i can feel the loose bracket pressing my cheeks (for the lack of correct term) but bearable anyways. That incident prompted me to avoid boy bawang or any hard foods for now. Though I still have two months left before i see my dentist, she will most probably reprimand me for the nth time.....
the mess

Meanwhile, I've been busy with the making of our wedding invites, hehe. It's quite a feat for me (and an effective diversion from the "case of annoying bracket") since i was able to really utilize the entire weekend (plus today's holiday) with scissors and papercuts messing my floor. My target is 60 pcs. minimum...and so far, i'm halfway to it. Well, the main reason why i decided to make my own invites, other than the fact that contracting the services of the so-called professionals are costly (and i'm way better than them when it comes to artistry, lol), is that the lack of enough time is preventing us to finalize the guests list and the whole entourage. Since I'm scheduled for Cebu by mid-April, approximately that is a month before the wedding, leaves me little time to prepare the miscellaneous. Hence, i must complete every my 'to dos' here before i send the balikbayan box, lol.

*sayang ang boy bawang..daghan pa sha..mga unom.

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alaine said...

mor, padungog nang italicized words sa end sa imong post? willing kaayo ko mudawat sa boy bawang, para wala nay temptation sa imong duol hehe :D

good luck on the invitation-making and on the annoying bracket, although i can't relate to both :P