Sunday, February 03, 2008

cold feet, numb hands

Here they fall. 

I don't usually check weather forecasts during weekends unless i have some appointment(s) to attend. However, today made me think that i should have checked them. As i woke up around 2 in the afternoon, and pulled the curtains to let some natural light into my room, snow was falling. From how thick they look, I surmise they've been falling since last night. Without thinking much, i dashed off; took a quick shower, wore enough clothing (to keep me warm), grabbed my keys and camera.

Anyway, i managed to go as far as the apartment next to Seiyu grocery (about three blocks away from my apartment building). My hands felt numb after *rolls eyes* taking some pictures (inset photo of me looking 'extremely' happy. lol)...and eventually, I got bored. Must be, again, my age. lol

The only concern i'm thinking now would be for tomorrow (working day!). Grrr..From the looks of it, i doubt it will totally melt. Treading roads after a snowfall ain't a pretty sight. I sure don't want to fall flat on my butt or whatever worse than that. Not that taking the bus will make a difference.

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