Thursday, January 31, 2008

counting sheep

The bitter cold caffe latte I’m drinking is, at least, lessening my drowsy state. If you ask me why I feel so sluggish right now; it is because I lack sleep last night. Sleep, finally, managed to dominate around (almost) 2 in the morning; and so I thought I’ll be seeing the light of day with huge eye bags. Apparently, not. Just two sleepy eyes; about to fall from focus.

After T and I had our usual yahoo games match last night, we chatted a little how his day was. Since yesterday was his first day of temporary site assignment, I was all curious about almost everything. Unfortunately, other than they don’t have internet there which means no gtalk sessions, the site office is really far from where he resides (1.5 hrs. ride). With his current ‘low’ moment and all, I reassured him that everything will be alright. Yet if truth be told, I was worried too. That explains the insomnia. Honestly though, I’d rather hear what he’s truly feeling than be sugar-coated with words of comfort as opposed to the real situation.

I know good things will eventually come. Though I can be really pessimistic (and silently, whining) at times but the day after turns out to be the opposite (like hello Ms. Optimistic!); having analyzed the whole picture and, at the same time, reflected on how pathetic I was with all those negativity in my mind.

He’ll hone his turf, I’m positive with that. Eventually, allowing him to broaden his options.

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