Tuesday, January 01, 2008

blame it on Coke

Spending the most part of my Holidays here in Cebu has one BIG disadvantage, that is having a bulging tummy resulting from unmonitored food intake. Of course, you can't blame me for missing much on home-made dish, and Coke.

Yes, Coke.

In Tokyo, considering that i barely perform any exercise, my mantra was to refrain from drinking anything carbonated to avoid bloating stomach. Cold tea or fruit juices were either my drink of choice, until I landed Cebu soil. Coke tempted me to pair it with every food i opt(ed) to digest. And now, realization came too late. Seriously, I was aware of the possible consequences but the craving got the better of my senses.

Another culprit was the homegrown foods. They were irresistible! I even remember that days prior to my flight, I well planned my foods to eat; From kinilaw (forgive me...i dunno the 'english' term) to lechon baboy (roasted pig).

In other news, I had a great New Year and was able to embrace sleep in spite of the 'grunge' music noise (forgive me, i refuse to acknowledge it as such, hehe. must be my age) that was blaring from our neighbors. To sum up: Nothing could be a better welcome but a wide smile for 2008. As for the additional kilos that I probably gained, nahhh..I'd rather be fat than lose a finger or two.


bisdakbabbles said...

Pinoy dishes are really irresistible, and so is coke (especially for me, a coke addict) ^-^

Happy new year!

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