Thursday, December 27, 2007

yearend report - 2007

2007 differs not from the previous years. I wept, laughed, wept again, then laughed more...

As for travels, i braved the interesting towns in this big city (that I'm presently residing) considering the speech barrier.

I got engaged last July. And as if the whole universe conspired with the then recent turn of events, my plans changed BIG time. Even the little details were revised. Not that I saw it coming, it was not something that was shocking for me for the fact that I (guess) am prepared (in whatever 'ciallys) and obviously, of age (beyond legal) to get hitched.

Reviving a lost passion, then improvising it with the help of technology...ahh..the rapid changing times call for compliance to high-end medium, so as not to be left out.

my lifestyle became even more pathetic and somewhat monotonous, haha..i feel that i am more connected to a computer (office or home) than anything...*creepy*

So what I look forward to 2008? Other than getting hitched, I hope to live. love. and learn more...
A few hours from now, I'll be flying high on my way to Cebu! and now I'm craving for "kinilaw na nangka".

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