Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Argao escapade

Went to Argao with my Mama and younger (now taller) brother, Adrian, for two reasons (1) to claim my baptismal certificate, and (2) to take some side-trip

Consciously aware that the trip back to Cebu City proper will be quite difficult, i pretended not to worry much so as not to spoil my trip. Therefore, making use of our brains and not wait for pigs to fly, we took two rides on our way home (CC): One was Argao-Carcar; then transferred to a Carcar-Cebu bus. *whew* 

The side-trip turned out to be at Riverstone Castle. I've read about the place in some friend's blog and since Argao is familiar to me, I mentioned it to Mama.

The place was above par compared to Mountain View (in Busay); though not in terms of size. It has a pool, videoke machines, a resto bar, mini-zoo and the structure looks much like a castle.

Well, for 40Php entrance...not bad.

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