Sunday, November 04, 2007

Autumn in Tokyo

Ok, i went to Showa Kinen Park quite early for koyo (Japanese maple) leaves to turn red. I should have believed in because they know better, haha..
rusty metal cubes
almost fall
falling yellow
Anyway, i was quite excited..i woke up early today (the same call time for working days). The sun was up and the cold was bearable so I decided to pursue as planned. As usual, i went there alone, haha. The absence of additional hassle (with company) was a plus. Also, I allocated ample time should I get lost in the process of my adventure, haha..I could not remember the details since the last time I went there was 3 years ago, and knowing Japan, i expected some changes.
frog prince
the trees are still green
Upon arriving Tachikawa, i was clueless as to which exit must I take. Having no other choice but to talk ask some random stranger, i approached this lady janitor without thinking the possible language barrier between us, and my attempt of digging my brain for long-buried nihonggo notes was of no help. I end up blurting "sumimasen, showa kinen?!?.." haha, It's not even a question! That was worse than elementary, haha..But take note: being a gaijen (foreigner) is an excuse...Like, if this were Survivor, i got immunity.

I was glad she got my point and right then, her mouth mumbled words that sounded alien to me..and all i was able to fathom were the words
masugo (straight) and hidari (left). Uhmm, not bad..anyway, those were the exact words i was expecting with directions.
When i saw Isetan department store, it felt like nostalgia crept in and everything made sense..I then know which way..the streets became familiar and this time, i took the skywalk. The park was really far from the Tachikawa station..until i found out that it (the park) has an exit connecting to Nishi-Tachikawa station. I had no idea about that. The park's address was Tachikawa so it follows that the nearest would be there, right?!?
favorite flats of the moment. i love the buckle details
After a lot of hiking in my reliable flats, my feet were aching. It was fun...though alone..but still fun.


shiera said...

i'd probably go to Kyoto alone this weekend... and I might use the sentence you said to the lady. haha

amor said...

haha..i think NOT...i think ur good in nihonggo..=)

shiera said...

ngek! Nihongo nako? getting worse imbes na nagkadugay dire sa Japan. ^-^