Saturday, November 10, 2007

Those beautiful clothes..they had us suicidal!

Right after 5:30pm yesterday, my friends (Dione, Jonah, Jhey and Joji) and I rushed to Yurakucho (somewhere Ginza).

Here's the story:

[flashback] Jhey showed me a free magazine she got from a train station. There, in one of its glossy pages, was an advertisement we presumed as a 'fashion bazaar' that eventually, while our eyes drool on the Gucci watch, got us all giddy. Unable to read Kanji, we asked for Suzuki-san (our officemate) if our 'fashion sale' assumption was correct. She, being the helpful Japanese (as always), told us that it was indeed a 'fashion sale'. Getting more excited, both Jhey and I asked for directions on how to get there. It was to run for three days (11/9-11/11) but the excitement over the SALE was too much that to defer it for the coming weekend is just NOT acceptable! So we spread the good news to some (Jonah, Joji, Bern and Dione) and the three of them, not counting Bern, hitched on our planned shopping spree on the first day night. [end of flashback].

 the four of us discussing how (still) exorbitant the DISCOUNTED prices were, how grand the place was, how Dione's shoes remind us of Barbie..and calculating if we can still eat a decent meal on the days before next payday, lol
say cheeso!

The 'fashion SALE bazaar' turned out to be a really huge 'fashion SALE-but-still-expensive bazaar', haha..Quite disappointed but not wanting to ruin our night and go home with nothing, we splurged, nevertheless.

My loot were all black: a pair sling-back pumps, a trench coat (which, of course, i plan to bring home with me..uhm, for future use =P), and my first ever LBD (a girl must-have, haha).

*sigh* paksit napud! LOL!

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shiera said...

ako.. kutob ra ko ani sa sale sa GAP! haha