Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I have been...

-Watching Prison Break Season 3. And as predicted, things are getting worse for Michael Scofield being incarcerated in the 'fictional' Sona penitentiary.

-Planning a perfect Christmas. *sigh* hope it works.

-Taking light meals for fear of (possible) bloating due to the cold season. Been there, than that. There's just something about cold weather that greatly affects appetite. Maybe because I spend too much time indoors. Indoors + cold weather = hiding beneath the covers (either sleeping or just bumming around). Playing the bum would mean placing food at within arms length for easier/faster access leading to unmonitored junk intake. I enjoy doing that esp. on weekends when the probability of bumming experience is at its highest...which is really BAD. Though at times, i justify it as my well-deserved rest after a working week. Naahhh..I tend to really get my butt off the bed when my starry-ceiling spells boring and if the weather permits, the more reason for me to go out and appreciate life other than the one i see on the mirror (in my room). Well, good news is that I have made plans for the coming weekend unless weather prevents me from pursuing it.

-Reading 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho, and pondering on Life (for the nth time). Quite a read and made me realize how i forego of idealism and went practical the most of my life. At my age, I have thought of the impossibility of the ideal future i had in mind (many years ago) and actually, revised my laid plans. I then realized that all the things that had happened, happened for a reason. They may seem not to guide to what or where I desire, nevertheless, they are bound for the same destination but taking differing routes. In short: let's just say, I booked a direct flight but I got a connecting flight instead.

While taking my journey, I am grateful even though it was not something I aimed, yet I became more at ease that someday, i will reach there. And while in the process of trekking the other side of the road (read: not my niche), i learned to acknowledge, count my blessings and rather, looked more on the bright side; like, i got to see another part of the world which never in my life i even dared wanting to see, and since an opportunity came, why let it pass? Also, I got to enjoy and endure four seasons, meet people possessing unique attributes, experience(d) the sought after 'independence' of adulthood (that is, living alone), and most importantly, met one of the most wonderful persons in my life.

Though it (my journey) is not yet finished, let it be said that I'm way happier now because I'm trekking life with the company of someone. Though not physically together yet with technology, it defied distance. As well as, "the intangibles" we believed in, defied the impossible.

I guess i did not throw all my idealism after all.

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