Saturday, October 06, 2007

Retail Therapy

The past week had been VERY busy and stressful. And as a reward to my weary self, i went shopping today (^_^). Not shoes this time, I bought some things that will be useful in the future.*winks*

First stop was Ueno. To those who knew a little of me (my current plans, hehe), you would have concluded by now what I bought there, hehe..Anyway, I went to Matsuzakaya department store to buy some "kakiyan chuva"....

and also, bought this : a Dior make-up brush set..

I've been wanting to have one! Though i was hoping to get a MAC set but to no avail they don't have that brand and for sure, MAC will cost me an arm and a leg..well, Dior cost me an arm =P.

No, i am not considering shifting careers now..i just want to have something to divert from anything that I have been usually doing. In short, BOREDOM. I want to try something new. Make experiments and sacrifice my face as the "lab rat". Really, it's just another form of arts. Like, Expanding one's horizons...

Got a free makeover (again! haha) from a Dior rep. Honestly, she insisted it..Really! She probably did it because I bought the brush set. Perhaps, a marketing strategy to keep me from going back there..and purchase.

The rest of my loot
The air is getting colder! Autumn is officially here. Hmmm, I'm thinking of........

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Lolli said...

awww... i love DIOR products.

Welkam sa Bisdakplanet dae Amor - ayaw ug kaulaw didto ha!

Happy weekend!!!