Sunday, October 07, 2007

guilty pleasures saved the day

Afraid of spending the whole day sleeping, i went around biking and ran some errands. I started my trip late (around 5pm) and I just can't postpone it to another day since i have laid plans before. Besides, the weather was fair enough for a roam. It's been raining lately, probably, because of the transition of summer to autumn, therefore, I wasted no more time to let today pass by staying indoors. Well, as always the case, one action led to another and I caught myself rummaging the racks of GU. Initially, it was not part of my itinerary BUT i was searching something to supplement an autumn look, hehe. Another guilty pleasure committed. *sigh* why can't they just display fugly clothes, I would not even dare fit them! haha (my bad attempt at justifying my recent splurge!)..

It was not about my impulse in shopping..It was more of seeking temporary pleasures to cover my leaking blues. Sometimes, my bad mood is one good excuse of excessive spending. It's like I don't feel any remorse at all. Anyway, divulging further what aggravated my mood to its negative level will be left unknown. I'd rather keep it to myself.

One way of pushing both side ends of my mouth upward is eating yummy junk, hehe..My brief spree left me too tired to cook for the night so i dropped by McD's for take-out food. I'm doing fine now. My mini-adventure might have dissolved those blues...for the time being. Well, tonight is movie night! Let's see what's showing on TV.

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