Saturday, September 29, 2007

nocturnal creatures

For no apparent reason, Bern proposed his craving for a videoke session (exclusive for girls...err, gays only). As usual, we had a theme. It was supposed to be an '80's inspired' theme but considering we have had it before, we revised it to 'slutty'....and i think we all pulled off the look, hehe..
Midnight struck, we sang 'til our eyes pop out, dance to the rhythm, drank, ate yummy pizza and camwhored at every corner. (when i say 'every corner', it is not an exaggeration. we really did..)

Our simple joys of dressing for the occasion...and singing without having to worry of being reprimanded for being too noisy...*sa maka-relate lang* is PRICELESS.

We left around 4:30am...and before that, as our final song, we sang (a capella) our Philippine National anthem..No, we were not THAT drunk. We seriously sang it.

Big Echo has this usual promo of charging lesser cost when you reserve a midnight 'til 5am slot. We ALWAYS take advantage of that promo. Barely do we go out for a videoke session and of course, a 'theme' is always present. I don't know for this coming Halloween.....

***Just woke up (^_^)

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