Monday, September 24, 2007

applauding Jane

"Affection is desirable, money is absolutely indispensable."
-Becoming Jane, 2007
Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen in Becoming Jane

Dark afternoon sky was not inviting enough to persuade me from leaving my abode. I started the day quite late. It's a holiday. Pampering with more than required sleeping hours is like a treat to one's self.

Earlier, I received an email regarding matters that greatly affect me. Sometimes, it is best to ignore and wait for the right time to settle them. There's no need to rush things for time will definitely guide when it will be right.

Thus, i proceeded to eat my spaghetti and browsed for something to watch..and i chose 'Becoming Jane'. It is the story of Jane Austen, one of the world's greatest English authors. As the movie progressed, one would know that her books such as 'Pride & Prejudice' and 'Sense & Sensibility' were inspired by her own experiences as a not so-typical nubile (of her time). Not typical because she values 'love' and that 'money' alone is not reason enough to resonate affection and convince someone for marriage. In spite of the contradictions as expressed by her parents and (as a practice) by society, she remained to her beliefs. She then fell in love with someone, intelligent, of bad reputation and of little fortune. Regretfully, they did not end up being together after some realization from our dear heroine. In the end, she became 'the Jane Austen', a popular writer of her time to present. She did live by pen.

Contrary to my first impression, the movie was not a bore. I do love the classics...sort of a fan. I love classical books. It's just that I have watched other period films that left me sleeping. I really thought that I'd do the same thing especially that it's quite cold now. The temptation of sleeping the whole day was expected. To my surprise, i did not doze off nor felt sleepy. I was engrossed with the film (and sure thing, babbling the movie to T is bound to happen tonight, hehe) and empathized with Jane's principles.

To Jane: you make women proud for taking courage when (then) society dictated women's limited roles, and for fighting in something you believe in.

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