Saturday, October 20, 2007

Come not as you are

Those are the words (as coined by Bern in the emails) that describe our Halloween turned costume turned 'your-alter-ego??' party. Though it was quite early to celebrate the Halloween yet a request from one our co-employee permitted the re-scheduling. 

Anyway, it was fun but admittedly not as fun as last year's (hehe). I don't know..maybe because I don't know much of the people (which is partly my fault because i never took the effort to mingle with them much before, haha)..or maybe, it was something that I left without trying to mend it first (guilty!?) must have prevented me from enjoying much of the night..i mean dawn. No, it's not the song choices either, haha..i have no problems with that and I am never the type who you often caught holding a 'mic' because my singing voice is just soo poor, hehe. In spite of that, i did manage to enjoy by taking gazillion of photos!!! haha..

(L-R) Me and my glittering crown; Tubthumping (the song that makes no sense); with Dione, Hazel and Bern; Dione in her disguise.

Now i'm hungry and my fridge contains nothing but water and some flavored liquid. Must buy FOOD!

For the rest of the day, i'll be having a movie-marathon plus I am going to check that link from Joji's site (about movies pud, haha)


gloridel said...

hehehe .. kalingaw, i miss our crazy day in UP where we could do like this :D

ps. pwd makiligo sa inyoha inig dec 24?? :D

amor said...

hala gloridel, naa ra ba ko bisita ana from Cebu..iyang stay is from 21 to 27..and mahulog dungan mi uli ka 27..