Thursday, October 18, 2007


Yesterday dawn (10/17/2007), my sister (April) finally gave birth to a son and officially, I became an Aunt! Technically NOT since some of my cousins gave birth prior to my sister, which consequently made me an Aunt, many years ago. BUT it is only now that I feel the role to be associated with me. So allow me to just enjoy my ramblings on how this four-letter-word prefix provided me enough gratification for the day.

Meet my nephew, River Benedict Jay V. Miralles (*will post picture soon). He weighs 6.10 lbs. and was delivered non-CS. Imagine that! he was April's first baby!

By the time her ultrasound results, as to the baby's gender were made known, I am proud to say that I have been given the privilege(or so i think?!) to suggest two names out of his three names. River: because, at first, my sister insisted of putting something related to water for a name (she believes in zodiac, so let's leave it as that). She was thinking of 'Ocean' then, but I vehemently disagreed on the if i have the right to do so, hehe. Therefore, i suggested River (name after late Hollywood actor, River which neither of us are a fan). Really, i sound annoying but I'm just so glad she conceded. Benedict: i suggested to name her baby after a Saint..and what could be more fitting than the Pope. Jay: name of her husband. Naming Jr./Junior is too passé.

Considering my sister's tiny physique, i am still amazed on how she managed to labor non-CS.

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