Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the stubborn brat won

Heard it right! After some negotiation and almost-a-day-of-email swapping with Majimbo...I won!

Here's the story:

My scheduled flight for Cebu is on the 27th of December and they (let's say THE COMPANY) insisted that I return to Tokyo on the 9th of January, 2008?!? I told them that there's no way I'll be coming back on the 9th because I want it on 12th or 13th! *bratty mode*. Further to that, I told them why would they allow others to have longer homes leaves compared to mine? And Majimbo's PERSONAL opinion was that because it might affect my work and I opted for my contract to expire sooner. Whhaaaaaaaaaaaaattt?!

So, i was fuming mad! I went to ask my Supervisor, of my assigned project, for his opinion regarding my Home leave Schedule and he said that he will take care of my work during my absence. That's all what I needed to hear from him and after having his approval, I hurriedly went to Majimbo to personally tell him about it. (I was just getting sick of the email exchange so I took advantage of his weakness, bwahaha *evil me*).

I explained to him that the duration of the extension has nothing to do with Home Leave privileges and no stipulation in the contract mentioned anything like that. I caught him there and finally said the word 'daijoubu' (Japanese for OK). And that made me happy.

*sigh* The pleasure of getting what you want =)

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