Friday, August 24, 2007

we do need bitches but not HER

Two days ago, I was browsing iStorya and one particular thread caught my attention. The title alone (the cotroversial Malu Fernandez) convinced me to read regardless of the heap of papers that were occupying most on my desk (read: i was busy). The thread was about the particular column of MF in People Asia about her recent travel, titled: "From Boracay to Greece". She wrote about how she hated the beach (so why the hell go there?! duh!), belittling OFWs, hating her flight...much worse whining about how small Emirates economy class seat was...To sum it all: she was ranting and makes me wanna puke everytime she namedrops Brand names that are beyond me...even naming her eyebags as Louis Vuitton!?

There were links posted on the replies so I clicked on them and to my surprise, SHE BECAME AN INSTANT LAUGHINGSTOCK and THE SUBJECT OF HATE BLOGS..she finally got what she deserve...NOTORIETY! She may be really rich but of no class..a matapobre (arrogant) to the exponential power of, 100!! Everything she wrote may be true but please, as a writer for a public circulating magazine, not only read by elites (the target audience she claims..and I don't think they find it amusing..), she should have practiced tact and sensitivity. Her discrimination on kapwa-pinoys was the worst part! I can't even believe that PA's EIC gave consent for that column to be published..As a consequence, PA received a lot of hate mails...mocking Malu's 'acerbic wit' to the extent of her exterior physique. Meresi!

the latest: Finally, the space-occupying bitch resigned...and apologized. I doubt she meant it. Well, the damage has been done..too late for that..Most pinoys are still fuming and would want to have a piece of her...I recommend that she go, pack her LVs, book a flight somewhere she fancies and settle there for good..for it would be hard on her part lurking P.I.
Yes, we do need bitches..dogs would be extinct without them. I can be a bitch when..(1.) provoked..or (2.) PMS-ing..It's normal for women.

Malu is beyond Bitch definition...Google her name and you'll know what I mean..She's that NOTORIOUS!!!!
(as much as i avoid contents about hating people in my blog, you can't blame me..I'm an OFW?! and she's worth hating =P)

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