Tuesday, August 21, 2007

loop on the right of the middle of the left

My life's blueprints would most probably change because of one significant thing given, with all sincerity + love, by my significant other. 'It' (referring to the thing) situates in the wrong place...specifically, right of the middle of the left, which should be left of the middle of the left. No particular ruling exists, so either is acceptable. Who would have thought that I'd be changing status soon? How soon is really soon? Am I really ready for this?? It took me no longer than seconds to figure that. I can't think of reasons to oppose a proposal and besides, why oppose when Mr. Right-for-Me and I share reciprocity? Other than that, I AM READY. We're both ready. We're both mental and able (read: working). We're both 27 (for pete's sake, that's beyond legal requirement!?). I may have grown in numbers but my mentality is sometimes that of a twit...and oftentimes, too weird for comfort that it scares people, I think. I get jitters at the mere thought of it..Exciting yet the uncertainty awaits. 

Sometimes, fear for the uncertainty blinds me from pursuing happiness. Fear...that I may not be effective as I evolve to a role which requires more maturity. Fear, after all, exists because I let them exists in me...yet I am capable of eliminating it. Nevertheless, uncertainty of the BEYOND is inherent. That's why we have so-called PLANS to serve as our guide. Turn that plan into action then have some faith that it will work out...viola! Successful or not, He has his own reasons.

Life would be NOT interesting if one knows, beforehand, one's destiny. Hardwork would never exist and faith would seem 'just' another female name and not some inner belief on something or someone. I am confident that everything will turn out just fine if I just stick to my faith. Though at times I can be so poor in spirit, I'll hold on. I am one die-hard planner when it comes to the future and most end up not as expected BUT I don't give up that easily on something I believe as worthy. After all, plans do not necessarily come out in reality. Funny, but I sometimes wish I'd like to be carefree as others and take life as it is...but i'm just different. I approach life my way.

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