Monday, August 20, 2007

beach bum - vector

Another weekend well spent! (read: referring to 8/18-19..i was being productive..making use of a 'long-lost-now-found' talent)
Done another piece of vector work!! The narcissism in me prevailed for I can't think of a better subject but me. The best part was: Done vectoring sans peeking tutorials. Yippee!

I am satisfied with the result though to look more outstanding, I could have added more layers to achieve a better 2D look...but I was getting tire, hungry and too lazy to even cook food (yah, I ate just ONCE the whole Saturday!?! That 'one' meal was equivalent to 1/3 of my supposed daily food consumption). I lost my appetite and apparently, forgot time!

(That's how addicting PS is for me)

The awful truth is: NOBODY. FORCED. ME. TO. DO. THIS! Call it Self-inflicting pain. The wonders of being a hermit: revive an old habit, bring out the artist in you, and starve while you're at it...then give yourself a pat at the back, for a job well done.

Anyway, I think I did a great job..and lost some weight.

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