Tuesday, August 14, 2007

one boring afternoon

Summer’s officially here and I perspire excessively every time I arrive at the office, but not stinky, fyi. The office looks almost deserted today and here I am, enjoying the lax environment: no ringing phones overheard from other desks, not much chattering of unknown tongue, sunshine reflecting glass windows that seem to affect my drowsiness for it reminded me of lazy afternoons, and no vendors to talk with thus, leaving these ‘work’ as outstanding until next week. So, work is zero. Uhmm, maybe 30%.

Yesterday, my superior was giving me not-so-enough work so I had the luxury of time in the afternoon to browse. I was getting bored (and sleepy) with the usual sites I frequent, so, I decided to peek on crimelibrary.com. Though the site gives me creeps of those gruesome stories of serial killers yet reading those helped me fight my drowsy state. I have been checking on that site since 2006 (Makuhari days) until my interest shifted elsewhere and yesterday, out of boredom, I caught myself visiting the site again. As a result, I have now become paranoid.
Everything I’ve read are facts so it’s not far from possible that it can happen to anyone.
My paranoia often leads me to bike, en route to my home, as fast as I can imagine (good, my asthma has not been bothering me lately) since I always pass by the park. No, I’m never gonna change my route because I find it covenient there, less traffic lights to worry and it’s a shortcut to home. Also, I often check my door if it's locked, like I am not completely convinced until I checked it thrice (the least), or touch it, just to make sure…sounds like an OC disorder. Yes, I am paranoid..I’m glad that I am unfriendly and I make it a point NOT TO TALK WITH STRANGERS. As what I have read, too friendly people make an easy target for predators.

I might read this afternoon...it’s tempting. One way of killing time. I wonder why the likes of these people exist…Scary. Really scary.

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