Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Why do I blog?

My so-called passion for journal-writing began in my elementary years. It was a school project then. We were required to log anything, every single day. If my memory serves me correctly, it was a 'one month' diary. Mine was a simple notebook and in every page, I drew a long-stem rosebud.

Journal-writing halted, for a while, in High School for unknown reasons. All I know is that I was fond of reading books, so to speak my attention shifted. Reading, the likes of Nancy Drew, Love Stories series, and the Sweet Valley Twins, was an afternoon hobby by the time I started my HS freshman year, thus leaving 'journal-writing' to oblivion.

University life came and again, in my early days as freshman, I was back in my old habit. Writing. Scribling. As usual, topics range from school, family, holidays, people and me. To describe my journal: it was the usual notebook covered with violet art paper with an artwork piece on top. I would hide my diary to the most secluded place I know, most often beneath the pile of folded clothes in my wardrobe (which I shared with my sis). Up to now, I have a feeling that she had read it while I was away.

Nonetheless, there was nothing to fret about, yet I would have preferred some privacy. I don't get to update much but I was surprised that I filled the whole notebook with tidbits of my life.

And then the dollar-inspired notebook followed as the 2nd installment on the events of my life. (Pls. don't ask me why I chose a dollar-inspired cover?! To be honest, it was a scrap material...it would be waste throwing it..on the other hand, i was helping the environment). I was then hoping to re-read them on my spare time but after almost ten years of keeping, never had the chance to do so.

As a matter of fact, I still possess those precious 2 notebooks. I even brought them with me (here) instead of leaving them back home. (the danger of being read by others) Scanning the now-yellowish pages led me to conclude that my calligraphy was better then than now. My reliance on technology and my seldom usage of pens made my handwriting worse. Yet technology made it more convenient to correct errors by simply pressing 'backspace' or 'delete' keys.
the faded violet (1st entry was dtd. Jun. 20, 1997) and the 'dollar-inspired' journal...check the date (written as Aug, 21, 1998)..ahhh, the old memories of yesteryears..the last entry was May 1, 2000 (12:43am)..**Yes, I put time stamps**..Before I forget, I call my journals D.D. (short for Dear Diary...yah, how creative?!)..

At present, I'm thinking of disposing them (the notebooks) and finally, close those chapters of my life. Not that it contains highly confidential information that divulging its contents would put my country at stake or unveiling traumatic experiences will haunt me..NOT. It contains nothing but babbles of a typical teen.

Confused as to dispose it or not, I think that it may serve as a personal treasure in my aged years and probably, share them with my grandchildren. On the other hand, it is (now) pointless to keep them with me. *confused*

Now, I'm back to writing...paperless. The blogosphere became an outlet for me to share my experiences, release my thoughts and random musings.

Blogging is different from journal-writing. The latter, most often, allows you to express more freely while the former holds a few reservations.

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