Saturday, August 04, 2007

eating my own words

Last Saturday, Toby and I went to Alta Vista. I have always wanted to challenge him for a bowling tournament. After being assigned to our lane number, I, with all confidence that will win, told him that we should give bets and whoever scores the highest...gets to have it.

scores from the 2nd game...1st game scores were not captured (good thing *whew*)
the 3rd game results...I can now imagine walking with an "L" on my forehead.

Susme! I LOST!!?! My over-all scores were way lower than I expected. It was humiliating that I had all th
is 'ego' not knowing my opponent's ability..Yikes! I end up treating him a movie the day after.

After bowling, we played badminton. That time, I told him how awful of a player I was since PE 13 class. Forewarned yet he tortured me by giving right-in-the face strikes, that I practically begged him to adjust to my standard as a semi-beginner (yup, semi..the last time I held a racket was way back college). And he did adjust to my pacing...

The activities we had left me with aching legs and arms..As if my whole body would collapse at the sight of a sofa.

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